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Below is a selection of completed local installations of the Stratco pergola system. For installation examples for our other product ranges click here to view our full gallery.


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The Stratco Patio, Multispan and Clearspan range of pergolas will extend the usefulness of your home. They will enhance your deck and garden areas allowing you to relax, enjoy and entertain your freinds and family. Whether you have a large patio area or a small one APPC have the perfect solution. A wide variety of design options are available to cover any area with either a flat roof or gable roof or a combination of both. A variety of styles are possible with the Stratco designs giving you the flexibilty to match your pergola with the existing style of your home and your budget. A Stractco Pergola will enhance your outdoor living area and add value to your lifestyle and property.

Design Options

A wide variety of design options are available to cover any area. The Flat Roof is capable of an impressive span of 4.5 metres unsupported and all major structural components are produced from high strength, high tensile steel. The high tensile roofing profile features a ceiling like underside which provides great looks, and the specially fluted steel columns and beams are coloured for strength, practicality and beauty. The system is specially designed with hidden and camouflaged brackets and fixings to give the optimum appearance and easy installation. The Stratco Pergolas are a complete system, including all components, gutter, fascia and fasteners.

With the variety of styles that are possible with the Stratco designs the possibilities are endless. You have a choice of an attached or freestanding unit, overhang or flush fascia, and intermediate beams.  Different beam, gutter and post colours can be combined to suit individual requirements to create your personalised Pergola that suits what you want to do. Create a blend of design that is unique to you but designed and built with the confidence of a proven system.

The Multispan Gable creates space, improves ventilation and adds prestige to your home. It has an impressive gable design that can be integrated with a traditional Flat Roof. While designed with flexibility in mind, it offers the ability to accommodate your choice of roofing materials and design options. Whether it is polycarbonate to maximise light, or the traditional corrugated iron to match your home, the Multispan Gable can be tailored to suit your needs and the use of any roofing profile can be accommodated in most cases. The gable is available with a 22 or 30 degree pitch and a maximum opening of 6.6m when attached at both ends, and 3m when attached at one end.

The Clearspan Gable adds flair and style to your home. This design has great visual appeal and superior spanning capabilities. When fitted with the Outback Deck as the roofing, the strength of this roof sheeting means that purlins are not required, producing a wide spanning free flowing effect. The Clearspan has a high glossy finish that creates the appearance of a ceiling on the underside. Where additional light is required specially designed radiused light panels are available. These roof lights create a diffused light that helps remove the damaging suns rays and cuts down on the glare. The gable is available with a 22 or 30 degree pitch and maximum 7.5m opening.

The contemporary form of the Stratco Curved Roof Patio or Carport will add value and impart a sense of style and sophistication to your home. The smooth, clean lines of the curved roof form a graceful canopy over any outdoor area.



Patio Awning

  • Manufactured in a range of high gloss fashion colours.
  • Smooth ceiling like underside of roof, with compact beams, gives a spacious appearance and makes cleaning easy.
  • Wide choice of layouts and sizes to suit your needs. Roofing Deck spans are a big 4.5 metres.
  • Major components are made from high tensile steel.

  • Fluted columns offer attractiveness and strength.
  • Fascia and gutter system is practical, durable, and attractive.
  • A convenient overhang is available if preferred.
  • A flush 250mm cover roof light is available as an option for diffused light.
  • Available in attached or freestanding versions.

Build Quality

The Stratco Pergola system has been fully tested and certified by independent structural engineers to give you, the customer, piece of mind. Only top quality materials are used in the construction of the Stracto pergola range. All major structural components are produced from high strength, high tensile steel.

To further substantiate the design, construction and superiority of the Stratco Pergola, you are protected by a 15 year structural guarantee*, and when installed by an authorised distributor, a one year installation guarantee* applies.· As it is a complete system, all components must be supplied by Stratco for the guarantee to apply.

All these features are what set the Stratco Pergola range above the rest. Supplied and installed by APPC Ltd your Stratco Dealer.


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